During these difficult times raising vital funds to continue to deliver your services is becoming increasingly hard as competition for reducing funds grows.

For small and medium charities it can often make the difference between survival or closure. This can be even more challenging when you are unable to afford a fundraiser or even spend time researching where to apply for funding as you and your staff are so busy responsding to the increasing needs of your service users whilst having your staff/volunteers time and resources stretched.

We have a solution. If you are a small / medium charity (turnover of less than £600,000) then we will do the work for you and until we raise the funds (Apart from a small administration charge of £100 to cover sundries such as stationery,stamps etc) it will not cost you anything.

So how does it work

1) You tell us what you need (staff, equipment etc)

2) You tell us why you need it

3) You tell us what you need the funds for

4) You tell us how much you need

We will then after having had a briefing talk with you, undertake the research, write the applications and raise the necessary funds for you. When we have successfully raised the funds for you we will invoice you for 20% of the amount raised.

Yes it is that simple. So e-mail us and start the process fundsforcharities@gmail.com